Fun Wine Festivals in Maryland

Linganore Winecellars

Wine in Maryland? I will be honest, this place isn’t for wine snobs but it is definitely for people that like to have fun.

Up in beautiful Mt. Airy Maryland, you will find Linganore Winecellars and Berrywine Plantations. They make a large variety of grape, fruit and specialty wines. They have a lot of fine dessert wines and their honey mead is outstanding. They also have real dandelion wine which isn’t for everyone, but should be tried at least once.

Anyway, each month from May to October they hold Music, Wine and Craft festivals. Each festival features a different style of music. Look for blues, jazz, reggae, and zydeco. Admission is 10 dollars which gives you an etched wine glass, unlimited tasting, and a tour of the winery.

These festivals are family friendly, so bring the kids. You may have tasted better wines, but you’ll never have as much fun.

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2 Comments on “Fun Wine Festivals in Maryland”

  • #1  Brian

    I’m not a huge wine drinker, but had to work at my employer’s booth at Wine in the Woods recently. Good stuff from all the wineries I sampled, including Linganore.

  • #2  emily

    Hi!! Hey — don’t forget the Virginia wine festivals! *grin* (Just got your comment via Blogexplosion!)

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