More Songs for Pirates…

Captain Bogg and Salty have another CD for buccaneers of all ages.

In addition to stories of adventure on the high seas, the crew of the Pollywogg takes us on an adventure in musical styles. All of the songs have pirate and nautical themes (except Nellie the Elephant but it is so fun we can forgive them) but alongside the sea chanteys and pirate rock we have come to expect from these fun-loving pirates, we have songs in the style of beach rock, elvis rock, a tango and more ballads.

The first time I heard this CD I thought it was a bit of a departure, but after listening to it a couple times it is easy to see the continuity and the evolution that led to it. Now I think I like it better than the first CD Bedtime Stories for Pirates

My favorite tracks are:
What It?s Really Like On A Ship
Sea Monster
Weigh Anchor
Pieces of 8ight
Nellie the Elephant
Sea Kings
Pull Away Home

I recommend that you get this CD for yourself or the little pirates in your life. If you are ever in Portland, Oregon, keep an eye out for a live show.

Captain Bogg and Salty Pegleg Tango

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