New York City

We found ourselves in New York City briefly this past weekend. Kept getting stuck in the Puerto Rican Day parade traffic, but I did manage to get a couple of pictures of Central Park.

Central Park

Central Park

Puerto Rican Day Parade

Pictures taken with a Canon Digital Rebel.

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4 Comments on “New York City”

  • #1  Ghone

    Love the photos.
    I’m getting a Canon Digital Rebel for my birthday in two weeks time.
    Hope my photos come as good as yours.

    Keep snapping and posting!

  • #2  dom

    How on earth did you get a taxi if it was Puerto Rican day ?LOL

  • #3  Clublint

    Those photos are great. I hope to see Central Park soon.

    August in fact.


  • #4  Just Wandering

    Cool…I really like your pics. This past summer, I was an hour away from NYC on the Appalachian Trail I didn’t go. I’m kicking myself now because I live on the West Coast of Canada in Vancouver and it’s much harder to get there!

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