Peaceful Flight

A great blue heron on an early morning flight towards the Chesapeake bay.

Picture taken with a Canon Digital Rebel.

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3 Comments on “Peaceful Flight”

  • #1  morealyera

    wow, great shot! Some day I would love to have a digital rebel… I’ve heard wonderful things about them. Nice work!

  • #2  Traveler's Advocate

    Heck of a good shot. I love Blue Herons. We have them here in Oklahoma though they are a bit smaller than in more water-inclined states. They are very beautiful birds, graceful and majestic in their silent flight. I love to watch the mfish. Their patience is like that of a cat, long and watchful. Cheers!

  • #3  Jan

    In Amsterdam you can find them everywhere. At the marketplace to find fishredundance between the cobblestones. On the pavement in front of houses waiting for the sun. Along the ponts. On the roofs of floating houses in the canals.
    In 10 years time they moved from the rural side to the innercity of Amsterdam. And they adapted.

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