He could use a beer!

This picture was taken in Victoria, BC with an old but reliable Kodak DC280.

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3 Comments on “He could use a beer!”

  • #1  Olivia


    Browsing your blog, I noticed one Portland area beer place that you might enjoy if you haven’t tried it yet–a McMenamins brewpub. Actually, they have pubs in Washington and Oregon. Their website is http://www.mcmenamins.com/index.php. The environment at their pubs is very funky and the beer is delicious.

    Also, it’s eerie how you seem to have parallel travels with me and my husband. We were in Portland and Cannon Beach last summer, Mount Hood this summer, and we’re going to St. Michael’s next month and New York City this winter. Bend, OR is on our list. Your photos are great. Have fun on all your adventures!

  • #2  Ruby

    First, thanks, for voting for me in BOTB. You made my day. Second, that expression is priceless.

  • #3  Oliviah

    What a great shot!

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