Google Earth

I may be late to the game here, but I just discovered Google Earth this week. Boy is it cool. I daresay it’s the coolest thing that ever came out of the internet.


It’s cooler than email and instant messaging.

It’s cooler than shopping in your underwear.

It is a travelers dream.

Anyway, go out to and download the free version. It only works on Windows now, but they say they are working on a version for Mac. You need high speed internet access to use it properly, so don’t try it on dial up.

Boy is it cool.

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2 Comments on “Google Earth”

  • #1  Patrick

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  • #2  St. Inebrius

    There actually is a Macintosh version of Google Earth. It was released only a few weeks ago. The caveat is, it only works on OS X, v.10.3.9 or above.


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