4 Problems with Childrens Toys Today.

My son’s birthday party was yesterday. He’s two. Because of this, I thought I would make a quick list of things that are wrong with childrens toys today. I have been stewing over this since Christmas, but the birthday presents finally put me over the edge.

  1. Packaging – Is it really necessary to use so much, tape, plastic, wire ties, twist ties, and screws to keep a toy in the package? I mean, seriously, the toy won’t even hold my son’s attention for the amount of time it takes me to open the packaging. You shouldn’t need tools to open a cardboard box.
  2. Batteries – Are there any toy companies left that make toys that don’t need batteries? I swore I would never say this next phrase, but… When I was a kid, we made our own noises for cars, trucks and trains.
  3. Volume Control – For the love of God, would it kill toy companies to design volume control into a toy. These days, toys have only one volume level – excruciatingly loud.
  4. On/Off Switch – You’d think this would be a no-brainer, but you would be shocked about how many toys do not have on/off switches. I need a break, dammit.

I guess the toy companies spent all their budgets on packaging material and didn’t have enough money left over for bonus features like power buttons and volume control.

I am not sure what the solution is to this, a boycott might get the toy companies attention, but what do you get the kid instead? Socks? That’s just mean. Books? Don’t get me started on what’s wrong with childrens books today. I am thinking about teaching my kid to bite, so he won’t be as popular and will therefore get less gifts next year.

What do you think?

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5 Comments on “4 Problems with Childrens Toys Today.”

  • #1  Michael

    As a dad of two boys (7 and 5) and a girl (2+), I definitely agree! I can take the twists and tape, even the batteries; but the noise! Some of the LeapPad items have volume control, but most trucks and etc. don’t.
    Every so often — when my kids are playing with their HotWheels, or army men, or StarWars AttackTix — I think we should focus on the more human-interaction toys.

  • #2  Ghone

    I just sat nodding at your whole post. I sometimes find that the packaging is bigger / heavier than the toy inside!

  • #3  nora lomeli

    Ok, what I did more than agreeing with your post was laughing while I was reading it. Because you know what, I TOTALLY agree and it’s hillarious the way you describe it. I can imagine all you went through to open the toy so that your little one just saw it for a minute maybe two and then he decided to go play with the rock beside the grass. 🙂 Cheers!

  • #4  Jessica Cole

    Ha Ha, couldn’t agree more!! I just bought a toy a few days ago for my 9 month old daughter, and it was ridiculous trying to get it out of the package—the twist ties are the killer! Also, I wonder if all these toys with the literal bells and whistles are creating hyperactive children who won’t be able to focus on anything without flashing lights and music. Oh well!! Now there are talking books!

  • #5  Rebecca

    I sell some wooden 3D puzzles on my website for just ?2.80 and am looking to stock more wooden toys that are child friendly and do not need batteries. Feel free to take a look! I agree there are too many toys needing batteries, giving a headache with the noise and not keeping the childs imagination going. Think wooden toys in future they are the best

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