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Travel Tip: New York City

Most tourists in New York City head straight to the Empire State Building to get their sky-high view of the city. We did the same thing. We waited over 90 minutes in line, paid $16 and finally got out into the open air 86 stories above the street.

[photopress:IMG_2590.JPG,thumb,center off]
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Website Header Images Available

Because I have been so impressed with the free Cutline Theme from Chris Pearson. I’ve decided to release 10 header photographs for the theme under the Creative Commons Attribution/Non-Commercial License. You are free to use any of these images for your blog or website if you properly attribute Captain Hops with a link back to somewhere in your theme. You may not sell these images or claim them as your own work.

Click on the small banner to see the full size version. I have cropped the full size images to 770 pixels wide by 140 pixels high to match the default in the Cutline theme, but you can use these images in any theme you want. The Cutline Theme website has good instructions for customizing your header images and adding random header images. Be sure to check them out.

Please leave me comments and bookmark this page if you enjoy these banner images. If the response is good, I hope to release many more in the future. Let me know if you have any questions or requests.


[photopress:header_1.jpg,thumb,center off]
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For Photo Friday

This is my submission for Photo Friday. The theme for this week is “Thin”. Enjoy.

The Scream

This is what if felt like when I got stung by the bee this weekend…