Travel Tip: Fallingwater

A couple weeks ago we found ourselves in western Pennsylvania. We visited the classic Frank Lloyd Wright house of Fallingwater and the lesser known Kentuck Knob a few miles away. These were both quite beautiful and if you see one, you should definately not miss the other.

I have two tips for this trip:

  1. If you want great pictures, choose to go during a pretty season. We went in mid-November after all the leaves had fallen. If we had gone in October, we would have had a more vivid sight.
  2. Read a book about Fallingwater before you go. Our tour guide at Kentuck Knob was interesting and informative. The tour guide we had at Fallingwater made this extradorinary work of art boring and dreary. We couldn’t wait for the tour to end. He did a poor job of telling the story of Frank Lloyd Wright, the Kaufmanns and the process and he also neglected to mention anything about the beautiful works of art scattered throughout the house. I noticed we passed by a Picasso painting and a Diego Rivera sculpture and the tour guide said nothing. Who knows what other notable artistic masterpieces we walked past? If you read a book ahead of time, you can ignore the tour guide and keep an eye out for the “secret” treasures inside Fallingwater.

Here’s a couple of recommended books:

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