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You just can’t overdo Christmas

It was an interesting day in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor yesterday. We stopped by the Capital City Brewing Company for lunch and then watched several hundred tuba players performing the 23rd Annual Merry Tuba Christmas concert. Suddenly we were besieged by hundreds of drunken Santa’s engaged in the 15th Annual Santa Pub Crawl. Is this a great country or what?

Washington DC for July 4th?

Spring Cherry blossoms and the Jefferson Memorial, Washington, DC
Picture taken with a Canon Digital Rebel.

I am thinking about taking the family to Washington, DC for July 4th. I haven’t been in many years.

-It’s crazy
-It’s crowded
-It’s hot

-It’s crazy
-It’s spectacular
-It’s historic

If you plan to go, you may want to check Hotwire for deals.